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Our goal is to make the storage and shipment for you as efficiently as possible. This will save you time and money. Their products are stored properly, the stocks monitored regularly. You will automatically be informed of movements of goods, etc., critical quantities, so that you can react in time. Likewise, it belongs to our service, to choose the right shipping container to use the optimal dispatch and fix the schedule delivery exactly. We rely on the experience and readiness certified partner to ensure that your requirements are fulfilled to the smallest detail.

Your advantages:
• Proper storage of your products
• Regular monitoring of your stocks
• automatic information about your goods movement
• Use of the best shipping route
• fast and punctual delivery

For further information please contact our team [email protected] or call 07251 3472 0 and we would be more then happy to help.

Additional delivery address

34.80 EUR
incl. tax

Purchase order number: 10417

Additional delivery address within Germany, split shipping.

Storing per pallet

11.60 EUR
incl. tax

Purchase order number: 10691

Storage per pallet includes the cost of storage as well as the booking of the storage place. This is a one time payment.

Remove from storage

11.60 EUR
incl. tax

Purchase order number: 10693

Outsource per pallet, includes the cost of outsourcing as well as the closure of the storage place. This is a one time payment.

Storing small quantities per square

6.73 EUR
incl. tax

Purchase order number: 10835

Storing small quantities per space (up to 25 CDs), includes the costs of storage and the booking of the storage place. This is a one time payment. more...

Storage Fee

11.60 EUR
incl. tax

Purchase order number: 10692

Storage fee per euro pallet location, storage is calculated on a monthly or quarterly basis.

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