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In addition to the film laminating (welding) of your products, we also offer all kinds of assemblies. And not just in the field of CD and DVD production.

Manual confection

from 0.09 EUR
incl. tax

Purchase order number: 10053

Assembly by hand, equipment, placing stickers of all kinds (fulfillment).

Machine confection

0.02 EUR
incl. tax

Purchase order number: 10064

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Glueing by hand

0.54 EUR
incl. tax

Purchase order number: 15375

Gluing by hand involves gluing one or more components in a package, a book or a corresponding advertising material.

Cellophane DigiPAC

from 0.11 EUR
incl. tax

Purchase order number: 10305

Cellophane or foiling of a media package such as a CD-DigiPAC, DVDPAC, CD box bag or Media Book.

Cellophane DCD Box

0.13 EUR
incl. tax

Purchase order number: 10102

cellophane wrap DCD Box (brilliant box)

Cellophane Jewel Box

from 0.07 EUR
incl. tax

Purchase order number: 10101

Cellophane wrap for plastic packaging such as jewelbox, CD single box or double-CD boxes.

Cellophane Cardboard pocket

0.11 EUR
incl. tax

Purchase order number: 10306

cellophane wrap cardboard wallet

Shrinking foil

0.13 EUR
incl. tax

Purchase order number: 10635

Cellophane wrap, for plus size plastic packagings such as Slimboxes, Multi-CD boxes or DVD softboxes.

Cellophane single CD box

from 0.08 EUR
incl. tax

Purchase order number: 10103

cellophane wrap single CD box (2-piece box)

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