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cardboard wallets

Cardboardboxes are inexpensive and environmentally friendly packaging for your CD or DVD production. And yet versatile. As a give- away at fairs, for promotional purposes or as an additional teaser for your direct marketing. It is available in many sizes and shapes, eg for 8cm CD, with filing holes to archive or as a four - or 6-sided variant and thus for many applications an inexpensive alternatives! With us you get the cardboardbox starting at an edition of 50 pieces, with extremely short delivery times. The cardboardsbox can also be refind.

Cardboard pocket, digital printing

from 0.12 EUR
incl. tax


Purchase order number: 14441

cardboard wallet 4 cld. digital print packed ready for sale. more...

Cardboard pocket

from 0.22 EUR
incl. tax


Purchase order number: 10054

Cardboard wallet 4 cld. (euroscale),220g, chromocarton, glossy, assembling. more...

Cardboard pocket, inside-out

from 0.15 EUR
incl. tax


Purchase order number: 14686

cardboard wallet 4 cld. (euroscale) packed ready for sale. Print: inside-out more...

Cardboard pocket, relief printing

from 0.36 EUR
incl. tax


Purchase order number: 16317

cardboard wallet 4 cld. (euroscale), with reliefprint, packed ready for sale. more...

Cardboard pocket, window

from 0.14 EUR
incl. tax


Purchase order number: 10548

Technische Informationen

Cardboard Pocket, 190g Chromocarton, 4/0 c. printing, window diameter 40mm, glossy, incl. packaging.

Cardboard pocket, filing hole

from 0.13 EUR
incl. tax


Purchase order number: 12979

Card wallet with register 125 x 125 mm, 250 gr/qm Chromokarton, printed 4/0 fbg. bedruckt gemäß Spezifikation

2 in 1 Sleeve

from 0.52 EUR
incl. tax


Purchase order number: 14184

Cardboard 4 pages, 300g, GC1 Chromokarton, 4/0-colour printed, poket on the right panel, opened outside, plus high gloss finis. Inlet: Cardboardsleeve, 220g, 4-colour printed, high gloss finish, incl.packing CD und Inlet. Picture shows an inner web printing which is extra charged more...

Cardboard pocket, 4 sides

from 0.32 EUR
incl. tax


Purchase order number: 11737

cardboard wallet 4 cld. (euroscale) packed ready for sale. Minimum: 1.000 ex. more...

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