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We are happy to accept authoring DVDs and Blu-rays for you. Our professionals at HOFA put in a simple and modern user interface and elegant menu design value. Also for the implementation of copy protection, we are your partner for a secure CD and DVD production. In addition, we can serialize your products.

DVD-Authoring, basic

535.50 EUR
incl. tax


Purchase order number: 10029

DVD authoring on the basis of your screen design, or complete authoring including the creation of the design, individual offer is based on briefing and description or sight of the raw material.

DVD-Authoring, hourly

83.30 EUR
incl. tax

Purchase order number: 10045

DVD-authoring based on an existing authoring or optimization, performance is below a daily rate.

Premaster CSS copy protection

148.75 EUR
incl. tax

Purchase order number: 20253

Premaster CSS copyright protection includes the preparing of one master template provided for the integration of the CSS copyright protection.

CSS copy-protection, DVD5

196.35 EUR
incl. tax

Purchase order number: 13426

CSS copy-protection for DVD (-premastering)

CSS license

from 2.98 EUR
incl. tax

Purchase order number: 13427

CSS copyright protection, one time costs for integration of CSS copyright protection on prepared premaster.

Sysiphus light copy-protection

416.50 EUR
incl. tax

Purchase order number: 12200

Sysiphus light copyright protection, one time costs for the integration of copyright protection sysiphus light on prepared premaster (CD ROM and DVD-ROM).

Sysiphus light license

0.05 EUR
incl. tax

Purchase order number: 12201

Sysiphus Light licenses, per medium.

Sysiphus license

0.17 EUR
incl. tax

Purchase order number: 10856

Sysiphus licenses, per medium

Sysiphus copy-protection

833.00 EUR
incl. tax

Purchase order number: 10855

Sysiphus copyright protection, one time costs for the integration of copyright protection Sysiphus Light on prepared premaster (CD ROM and DVD-ROM).

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