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You are also welcome to order custom USB drives from 64 MB to 128 GB - refer printed with your logo or engraved. If necessary, we can equip your USB stick directly with your data: eg with your brochures or with the provided software. If desired, the shell of the USB stick is produced in your corporate colors - according to the CI of your company. An individualized packaging is required? Talk to us. We are more then happy to advise you. The following is an e small selection from our range.

USB Flash Drive to fold, 1.0 GB

from 4.75 EUR
incl. tax


Purchase order number: 20556

USB-Stick 1,0 GB, Gehäuse: Aluminium Silber / Korpus: Kunststoff Schwarz Optional in anderen Farben erhältlich Größe 56 x 19 x 10 mm 1 GB, individuell bedruckt 1 seitig 4c Produktionszeit ca. 4 Wochen ab Produktionsstart Preise auf Anfrage. more...

USB Flash Drive with lether, 1.0 GB

from 6.69 EUR
incl. tax

Purchase order number: 20557

USB-Stick 1,0 GB, Gehäuse Kunstleder, Größe 86x23x19, Farben schwarz und braun, USB-Stick unbespielt

USB Flash Drive with opener, 1.0 GB

from 5.94 EUR
incl. tax

Purchase order number: 20558

USB-Stick 1,0 GB mit Öffner, gehäuse Aluminium und Kunststoff, Druck 4 Farben, Stick unbespielt

USB Flash Drive with rolling hinge, 1.0 GB

from 7.06 EUR
incl. tax

Purchase order number: 20559

USB-Stick 1,0 GB, Gehäuse Alu/Kunststoff, rollierendes Gelenk Farben schwarz, blau, grün, gelb, orange, rot, pink, weiss, bis 4 Farben zu bedrucken, USB-Stick unbespielt

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