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In the injection molding method, the stamping press is built into the injection mold of the machine, and the embossed information of the nut (see glass master) in liquid Pollycarbonat. After cooling, the disc is coated with aluminum, and sealed by a UV lacquer. The CD is then finished and ready to play. Of course, the CD either screen or offset printing is still being printed. The procedure is the same for a DVD or Blu -ray.

Vinylcover inside-out-printing

from 0.17 EUR
incl. tax

Purchase order number: 25209

Inside-out-Printing. To create a raw feel, the back side of the cardboard (untreated raw cardboard) is coated. Finishing: dispersion coating.

Matt lacquer vinyl packages

from 0.06 EUR
incl. tax

Purchase order number: 25520

Refinement matt lacquer: With this refinement option, the 12inch or 7inch cover is processed and sealed with a matt lacquer.

special colour for sleeves

from 0.43 EUR
incl. tax

Purchase order number: 32187

Refinement with special colors, Pantone colors or Pantone colors from the 8-point scale (metal effects).

Vinylcover KraftPAC

from 0.02 EUR
incl. tax

Purchase order number: 32438

Additional pice for vinylcovers with KraftPAC. Material KraftPAC 300g/m² both sides natron brown. Print 4c Offset Euroskala

vinyl cellophane wrap

0.54 EUR
incl. tax

Purchase order number: 10358

vinyl cellophane wrap

12inch plastic cover, regular

0.42 EUR
incl. tax

Purchase order number: 32340

12" plastic cover, regular. Price includes packing. more...

Center hole punch

0.71 EUR
incl. tax

Purchase order number: 32423

Center hole punch 12inch and 7inch for vinyl sleeves and covers

Downloadcards for MP3, serialized

from 0.17 EUR
incl. tax


Purchase order number: 25253

Downloadcards for MP3, serialized. Print 4/4 colors, incl. downloadcoads. more...

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