PocketPAC, 4 sides, 1 pocket


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PocketPAC, 4 sides, 1 pocket

PocketPAC, 4 sides, 1 pocket
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100 502.30
200 517.65
300 557.99
500 622.01
1000 783.97
2000 948.43
3000 1134.90
5000 1755.25
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PocketPac in CD format, pocket right panel, opening outwards, 350 gr. Chromo GC1, 4-color offset printing, finishing gloss varnish, including assembly.

Further informations

Square-shaped, practical and simply good. The PocketPac is the ideal alternative for traditional CD packaging as a Digifile or DigiPac. Easy to handle and concise design. No wonder that this packaging variant is growing in popularity. It abstains completely from the use of plastic, which represents the ecological aspect of the packaging. For the PocketPACs we use reinforced 350 gr chrom GC1 in order to give the necessary strength to the packaging. In the variant of the PocketPacs shown here, the pocket is on the right panel, the right side of the pocket is open outside, so that the pressed CD or pressed DVD can be easily removed. For the graphic design all four sides are available, so you can use the entire surface for your design. A compact design, straight lines and free space for your creative ideas make this package a suitable and effective solution for your CD or DVD. By the way: The PocketPac you is already available in a small series production from up to 50 pieces.

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