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Multibox, 3 CDs, black trays

Multibox for 3 CDs, black trays, packaging needs two inlay cards for the front and back, additional insert of a CD booklet, including assembly.

Further informations

The 3 Multibox including black trays and the assembly of three sound carriers is a popular plastic packaging especially for audio CDs such as radio dramas and audio books. The Multibox with your three audio CDs / CD-ROMs or DVDs is often also called “thick jewelbox”. For receiving the respective CD / DVD / CD-Rom the multibox contains two plastic trays. These trays are black by default but can also be produced in white, transparent or other colors. It is recommended to integrate a booklet and two inlay cards. With the corresponding printed materials and proper packaging to create confidence you inspire curiousity and give a first insight on what to expect. Another plus: You can also use our optional distribution services, such as the placing of your product at Amazon or our shipping logistics to your end customers.

Multibox, 3 CDs, black trays
Amount Price/EUR
100 74.97
200 149.94
300 224.91
500 351.05
1000 654.50
2000 1309.00
3000 1713.60
5000 2856.00
Price incl. 19% tax

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