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Mediabook CD format, hardcover 1.5 mm gray cardboard, covers and inner mirror 4/0-color printed, with 135 gr. paper art glossy or matt, 8-pages booklet full color printed (inner margin for scrolling the pages), transparent tray fully glued onto U3, including assembly. Note: Please contact our team service directly for your special requirements.

Further informations

The Media Book can undoubtedly be referred to as the premium product for multimedia packaging. The packaging in book format offers a stronger cardboard (hardcover) in relation to DigiPac and is far superior in the processing than a conventional packaging. The CD or DVD can be attached by means of a tray or cardboard pocket. It is easily possible to accommodate multiple CDs or DVDs in the package. Here, you have different clever variants. The Media Book gains a special value with the integration of a multipage booklet, as therefore this packaging acquires more the character of a book. "The book" in CD or DVD format serves ideally for countless finishing options such as foil lamination (matt/gloss), or embossing. The media book is the unique packaging solution for a unique CD or DVD production and meets all expectations one expects from a high-end product.

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