Inside-out carton


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Inside-out carton

Inside-out carton
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300 96.39
500 113.05
1000 178.50
2000 309.40
3000 464.10
5000 749.70
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Inside-out printing, in order to gain a rough surface the back of the cardboard is printed (untreated rough cardboard side), finishing matt varnish.

Further informations

To produce a particular haptic effect, it is possible to print on the the rough side of the cardboard or uncoated paper instead of the smooth side of the print material. This leads to a different tactile feeling and therefore to a different perception of the surface providing a special aha effect for the buyer of your CD or DVD. Since the untreated side is more sensitive than the smooth side we finish the inside-out CD or DVD packaging, such as a DigiPac, with a matt dispersion varnish. This ensures that the package does not suffer from moisture or abrasion. In addition to the exceptional haptics, the inside-out variant is suitable for a particular design in terms of contrast and also if you want to work with a few fully printed surfaces. If you opt for a package in the inside-out printing, you do not only draw attention to your product but will create a special memory by a special design.

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