DigiSleeve, 4 sides, 2 sleeves, spine


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DigiSleeve, 4 sides, 2 sleeves, spine

DigiSleeve, 4 sides, 2 sleeves, spine
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DigiSleeve in CD format, 4 sides for 2 CDs or DVDs, with spines (inner bar printed continuously), 350 gr. chromo GC1, 4-color offset printing, finishing gloss varnish, including assembly.

Further informations

A packaging like a DigiFile or DigiPac all have an inner bar that is not printed in the standard version. The printing requires a further print run, the costs of the packaging rise. Thus many creatives renounce the possibility to create a continuous image on the interior sides. Who puts a special value on a CD production with a selected packaging from a single source and an overall creative image of the CD production opts for the CD-DigiSleeve with spine. High quality production, the absence of a plastic tray and the continuous image on the interior sides are the highlights of this packaging. In the right and left panel one CD or DVD can be inserted, the opening for removing the media is on the outer side. As with all Pocket Sleeve and packaging we use in this variant on an enhanced 350 gr. chromo GC 1, so that the product is not to be desired in terms of feel and strength. And if you think that all these plus points, the packaging is expensive then you will be surprised in this regard. By the way: for the DigiSleeve we offer small-series production from 50 pieces so you do not have to give up a high-quality packaging in relation to requirements under 300 pieces.

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