DigiFile, 6 sides, 2 CDs (diagonal punching)


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DigiFile, 6 sides, 2 CDs (diagonal punching)

DigiFile, 6 sides, 2 CDs (diagonal punching)
Amount EUR
300 571.20
500 642.60
1000 725.90
2000 916.30
3000 1,156.68
5000 1,808.80
Price incl. 19% tax

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Purchase order number: 15149

DigiFile for 2 CDs, 6 sides, with oblique punchings on the left and right panel for inserting CDs, possible accomodation of print material in medium panel, 330 gr. chromo GC1, printing 4-color euro scale, including assembly.

Further informations

This variant of DigiFiles for several media shows the versatility of this type of packaging. The oblique slip pockets on the left and right panel of this DigiFile are a special eye-catcher and therefore a clear element of surprise for the buyer of your CD or DVD. In addition, a CD-booklet can be accommodated in the central panel. This will either be fully glued into place or brought into the package by means of a sleeve. Another advantage of this package is the complete abandonment of the processing of plastic which makes the DigiFile an eco-friendly packaging alternative. The packaging is also best suited for further processing such as a partial gloss coating or an imprint. Also very popular is the variant with recycled paper from our greenline series.

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