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e-PAC, 4-sides, 1 tray

e-PAC, 4-sides, 1 tray

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E-PAC in CD format, 4 sides, cardboard tray (FSC-licensed), either black or white on the right panel (also available in 4-color print), 4-color offset printing, finishing gloss varnish, including assembly.

Further informations

The e-PAC offered by HOFA enterprises is an interesting alternative to a conventional CD-DigiPac. The package focuses on the ecological aspect, as the CD comes in a cardboard tray selectable in black or white. The cardboard is FSC-certified. Unlike other packages, the tray may be printed on request giving your production a glamorous touch. Since the tray has a semicircular cut-out in which the disc is inserted, the bottom of the right panel is partially visible. Additional finishing options such as a matt varnish or spot varnish are easy to apply due to the high-quality production. The e-PAC is suitable for all those who want more than just a simple packaging of their CD production. The e-Pac tray is exotic due to its unique form which isn’t available anywhere else on the market. It also leaves space for ideas and creativity due to the smart form of the packaging. And it is also extravagant due to the option to print on the tray which makes the e-PAC a high-end packaging for your music.

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