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ProfileBook, 8p.Booklet

ProfileBook,  8p.Booklet
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300 714.00
500 833.00
1000 1071.00
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3000 2409.75
5000 3094.00
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ProfileBook in CD format, 8-pages booklet printed in full color inside and outside, mounted in the interior mirror for scrolling (clipped), punching to receive a CD or DVD on right panel, 350 gr. chromo GC1, 4-color offset printing, booklet printed on 170 gr. illustration paper, finishing gloss varnish. Price includes attaching of booklet and assembly.

Further informations

With the ProfileBook you sharpen your profile and stand out from the crowd. Anyone looking for a high-quality packaging which combines the features of a book with low costs should go for the ProfileBook. Similar to a Mediabook a booklet is integrated into the packaging in order to scroll in it like a book. The CD or DVD is inserted through a punch in the cover. The standard completion includes an 8-page booklet. The standard completion includes an 8-page booklet. It is easily possible to accommodate up to 32 pages in the Profilebook. The cover of the CD or DVD packaging is processed with a 350 gr. chromo cardboard GC1 and refined with a gloss varnish. A higher value is immediately generated due to the higher grammage of the cardboard. We already offer the Profilebook in small series from an edition of 50 pieces so that both small and large print runs can be realized. In addition to the processing advantages, another plus point of this packaging type for your CD or DVD is the ecological aspect by renouncing plastic trays. The Profilebook is also convincing due to its price affordable even with a small budget. This special packaging is as a complete product for retail sales, at concerts and as a promo CD or single releases with plenty of space for your design and placement of information. An all-in-one package.

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