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With this article the actual DVD-production, pressing or duplication is described. From the afore produced stampers it is possible to produce as many DVDs as wanted in injection die casting. The maschine which sputters the polycarbonate, "embosses" the information on two discs. In principle a DVD is made out of two CDs. These will be glued in the so called "bonding" together. After that the disc has a high of 1,2mm and looks like a CD. But up to know it isn´t finish, although in principle they are playable. But the scanning laser would penetrate the whole disc. To avoid this, the DVD-surface is evaporated with a thin aluminum coat. Every single DVD is tested on quality within the machine. In further process of the DVD-production the DVDs will be printed in serigraph or offset printing. Multicoloured and offset print up to 6 colours are possible.

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