CD-R/DVD-R print, 4 colors


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CD-R/DVD-R print, 4 colors

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500 535.50
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CD-R labeling, thermal transfer printing with 4 colors, on silver, or alternatively, on white blank CD.

Further informations

The label of the CD-R and DVD-R copies is printed in 4-color thermal transfer printing. The black color is attained by applying the color matching system CMYK (euro scale). The CD-R copies including unprinted blanks are suitable for the reproduction of small series from 25 pieces. You can choose between a white or silver CD. During the copy and labeling process, we provide the flexibility that you need. Your advantage is the incredibly short production time. In fact, we are able to customize your CDs in a 24-hour service. Another advantage is the additional supply of common packaging such as cardboard bags, Digifiles or DigiPACs also in small series of the highest quality done in less than 5 working days. Due to the high quality in the printing of the blanks and the packaging, the small-series production is ideal for reprints in a series below 300 pieces.

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