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Capbox in CD format (hinged lid box), 1 mm duplex board, finger hole for opening the lid box, 4-color euro scale printing, finishing gloss varnish.

Further informations

The Capbox is a one-piece folding box with slip lid in offset printing, Euro scale and / or printed in spot colors. The Capbox is produced in different sizes, depending on how many media need to be accommodated. The Capbox (hinged lid box) is the classic CD packaging in the audiobook field, as up to 14 media can be inserted comfortably. But also in a DVD format, this packaging is often used for software combined with a manual or in the games area. In general, the individual CDs or DVDs are accommodated in a paper case or in a high-quality cardboard case and then inserted into the Capbox.The multitalented Capbox can be adapted not only in its height corresponding to the number of media, the corresponding width of this packaging can also accommodate a jewelbox. In addition to the standardized solutions such as the placement of a tray for attaching a medium, the Capbox will also suit your individual needs, e.g. as a special edition of one or more CDs or DVDs plus additional components such as a t-shirt or other merchandise for recording. Finishing options such as a matt varnish, a film lamination or printing of the inside pages are easily possible and put the final accent on a unique product

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