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Booklet, 4 sides, 4/1-colored

Booklet, 4 sides, 4/1-colored
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CD Booklet, 4 pages, glossy paper, 170 gr., 4-color euro scale printed outside, inside blank or 1-color black on white (grayscale).

detailed description

The 4-page (4/1 color) booklet printing is popular for the packaging of CDs and DVDs, like the jewel box or the DigiPac. The booklet is part of the group of the standard CD-print material in the field of DVD/CD manufacturing and -duplication. The booklet is often also called “CD-text book” and serves as a focal point in front of the box and can be opened once. The variant shown here consists of 4 pages. Front and back (page 1 and 4) are printed in 4-color euro scale (CMYK), the inside pages (page 2 and 3) are printed in black. The printing process used is offset. With some good print material you inspire trust, motivate curiosity and give a first glimpse of what to expect. Our print materials can be refined in various ways by means of paper, paper thickness, pantone colors, or varnish. The CD booklet is available with recycled paper from our greenline series.

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