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Booklet, 28 sides, 4/1-colored

Booklet, 28 sides, 4/1-colored
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1000 285.60
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5000 725.90
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CD Booklet, 28 pages, glossy paper, 170 gr., 4-color euro scale printed outside, inside blank or 1-color black on white (grayscale).

Further informations

CDs with booklet and inlay card, in conjunction with the corresponding jewelbox, represent the majority of the CD configurations on the market. The booklet can reach up to max. 48 pages, so that there is enough space available for comprehensive texts and numerous pictures. The booklet is suitable for inserting into any standard CD packaging, such as a CD jewelcase, a CD-double box (DCD-box) or as an additional product in a cardboard packaging, such as a DigiPac. The CD booklet is the creative element in addition to the CD in question and should not be underestimated as a communication tool. Not only the creative design and the in-depth information, but also a special haptic sensation or other forms of finishing types increase the value of your CD production. We offer the CD booklet in different types of paper, such as in resa offset or tauro offset. Other papers are ideal for a textured paint or uncoated printed surface (uncoated paper) of the product giving him a rougher surface (haptics). A stronger grammage can also enhance your CD booklet. Our service is to check your graphic data before printing. Thus, the quality of your CD production is secured and allows you to concentrate on your creative design.

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