Blu-ray disc, single layer, 25 GB


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Blu-ray disc, single layer, 25 GB

Blu-ray disc, single layer, 25 GB
Amount EUR
300 606.90
500 690.20
1000 1,011.50
2000 1,951.60
3000 2,820.30
5000 4,105.50
Price incl. 19% tax

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Purchase order number: 14061

Blu-ray Disc (BD 25 Single Layer unprinted), pressed Blu-ray, 4-color offset printing, 25GB capacity, including license costs for the AACS copy protection.

Further informations

The high-definition format of the Blu-ray disc (BD) enables a movie experience of the highest quality by its high storage capacity in conjunction with the latest compression technologies such as MPEG-4, VC-1 and MPEG2 HL. In comparison to the DVD-Video, the sound quality was again improved because of new sound formats. Due to the high storage capacity of the Blu-ray disc up to 50 GB and the interactive possibilities, one can assume that the BD will gradually replace the DVD. Many even say that the Blu-ray disc will be the last optical storage medium. In addition to its use in the film industry, the BD is well suited for data with high storage capacity such as high resolution photos or complex business presentations. We offer both the pressed medium (pressure from an edition of 500 pieces possible) and copies in an edition of 25 pieces. The Blu-ray disc is offered either in the capacity of 25 GB or 50 GB. Of course we can also help you in choosing the right packaging.

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