Blu-ray glassmaster, 25 GB


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Blu-ray glassmaster, 25 GB

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Blu-ray Glass Master, 1:1 template from Blu-ray or hard drive, AACS-Key will be provided, capacity 25 GB, including premaster check.

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The Blu-ray disc production begins with the so-called premastering. This procedure is followed immediately by the authoring. In the authoring all videos, audio tracks, subtitles etc. are assembled. The premastering of a BD is much more challenging than that of a DVD. First, one starts with the Blu-ray disc production by reading the unencrypted file with a special processing software. The file images are usually available in the formats BDCMF (Blu-ray Disc Cutting Master Format) or sometimes as Sony CMF. The scanned file will be copied and provided simultaneously with a preliminary AACS-Key. The AACS copy protection is generally required for BD-Video – without it no disc can be played on any Blu-ray Disc Player. As a next step, a further AACS encryption is introduced on the basis of the mentioned pre-AACS-keys. Basically, the image is now ready for the manufacturing of the stamper which actually means the pressing template. In addition, however, a further copy protection (ROM-Mark) is introduced. This ROM-Mark can be read from any Blu-ray Disc player, without it the media cannot be played.

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