8cm CD (mini-CD)


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8cm CD (mini-CD)

8cm CD (mini-CD)
Amount Price/EUR
100 476.00
200 499.80
300 535.50
500 583.10
1000 654.50
2000 1213.80
3000 1713.60
5000 2380.00
Price incl. 19% tax

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Purchase order number: 10107

8cm CD (mini-CD), pressed CD, printing 4-color offset, capacity 195 MB or 21:15 min. duration.

Further informations

The 8cm-CD or mini-CD is produced by compression molding. The template for copies is a finished premaster which is the basis for the 1:1 creation of the glass master. The label is printed by screen printing. This means that up to four spot colors such as Pantone or HKS colors, but also colors from the euro grading scale are used. The 8-cm CD is pressed starting from an edition of 300 pieces. The mini-CD is ideal for presentations, small image films or as an EP. Another advantage is the small size of the disc. This makes it eminently suitable as a side dish for promotions and campaigns of all kinds. Other plus points of this unique medium: the 8cm disc visually stands out from other media and gives you the opportunity to contact your customers via a personal mailing such as through a postcard with an integrated 8-cm CD.

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