2 in 1 Sleeve


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2 in 1 Sleeve

2 in 1 Sleeve
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Cardboard 4 pages, 300g, GC1 Chromokarton, 4/0-colour printed, poket on the right panel, opened outside, plus high gloss finis. Inlet: Cardboardsleeve, 220g, 4-colour printed, high gloss finish, incl.packing CD und Inlet. Picture shows an inner web printing which is extra charged

Further informations

Especially now, while many CDs or DVDs are being downloaded it is incredibly important to score points with the packaging of your CD or DVD. The 2 in 1 wallet which is a packaging variant from HOFA bring aspect into account. This quality-made material, 2 pockets for your CD and enough space for your information and your creative design are the highlights of this extraordinary CD packaging variant. Above all, the the purchaser will experience something very special when unpacking this variant. It differs significantly from other alternatives, such as e.g. a Digifile or DigiPac. For those who want something special and be able to show the individuality of its musical content from the outside, has already won by choosing the variant as the packaging.

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