12cm CD


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12cm CD

12cm CD
Amount Price/EUR
100 297.50
200 321.30
300 367.71
500 434.35
1000 487.90
2000 773.50
3000 1035.30
5000 1547.00
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12cm CDs pressed CD. Please order aditional the printing of the surface.

Further informations

The 12cm-CD is produced within a pressing process. The guideline for the CD-pressing is the so called glasmaster, which will be produced 1:1 from your delivered premaster. The label of the longplayer will be printed in serigraph or offsetn printing. If wished we can produce Pantone- or HKS-colours, as well as colours of the euroscale. Especially for fotorealistic motives in euroscale-mode we suggest offset printing. Because of the glazed colours it is possible that the CD surface will shine through. To avoid this, we suggest a white background on the silver surface. This background will be counted as one colour (please consider our specifications). The 12cm-CD can be produced starting with an amount of 100 pieces and has a maximun length of 78.30 minutes. The Audio-CD remains the media for creative music productions, maximun listening pleasure and with the use of a suitable packaging a precious original for every collector. . With more than 25 years of experience in the production of CDs we guarantee best quality and reliability. Our production capacities allow us to produce even huge amounts in a fast and flexible way.

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